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The UK stands at a key moment in its history and needs the Gospel more now than at any other time.   But how do we bring this glorious message of hope at a time when churches are closing, and secularism   and indifference has taken such a hold? This conference aims to bring a much-needed stimulus and   practical encouragement to reenergising evangelism, church growth, revitalising, replanting and new   planting across our nation.

  • Come and hear stories of new life in secular Europe.

  • Seminars and workshops on evangelism, leadership, growing churches, church planting & replanting by highly experienced & gifted leaders.

  • Learn from the Bible and one another on how to effectively engage in your context.

  • Hear from Dietrich Schindler, one of Europe's leading church planters, bringing a message of hope and challenge for the UK church.

  • Practical advice on evangelising your community, reaching out to neighbours, friends and colleagues.

  • A full children's and youth programme throughout the conference.

​It is non-denominational and open for everyone, including individuals and whole church groups who want to be inspired to get into evangelism in their communities, or may be open to even joining a church plant or replant in their locality. The main thing will be evangelism which we all need whether established churches or new plants.

counties connect conference

Main Guest Speaker

Dietrich Schindler
Executive Director of Church Planting  Evangelical Free Church of Germany

​Dietrich is a well-known speaker on evangelism and leadership, church planting, church development, having ministered in most European countries, the USA and Canada. A first generation German American, the son of German immigrant parents. He is the author of “Good to Great Church Planting: The Road less Travelled” and “The Jesus Model: Planting Churches the Jesus Way.”

Dietrich and his wife Jan have been ministering in Germany as church planters and leaders of church planters since 1985 and have planted five churches through evangelising their community

In 2008 Dietrich was appointed the executive director of church planting for the Evangelical Free Church of Germany. Under his leadership the denomination planted 80 new churches in ten years.

counties connect conference

Worship Leaders

counties connect conference
Nathan Davies
Worship Leader

A young highly experienced worship leader from Wales who is now working with UCCF and based in Cardiff as he equips students to share their faith in Christ on their campuses. Nathan has a rare ability to draw people into God’s presence in a sensitive way as he leads worship using all the great new songs and often combines them with the timeless classics. He is married to Chloe.

Rosie Jones is a talented young worship leader and multi-instrumentalist from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. She leads worship at the Forest Community Church in Cinderford. She is married to Jonathan.

counties connect conference
Rosie Jones
Worship Leader

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